Stanolind Resources LLC is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company engaged in the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties. Stanolind’s current operations are in the Permian Basin; on the eastern side of the Midland Basin in Glasscock and Sterling Counties, Texas and in the Val Verde Basin in Crockett County, Texas (subbasins of the Permian Basin). Stanolind employs a staff with significant experience in all aspects of the oil and gas business that is focused on development of its current Permian Basin properties and on the search for new opportunities throughout the country.


Conger Penn Field, Glasscock, and Sterling Counties, Texas
​Stanolind owns a working interest in 1008 wells (876 operated) on 85,600 gross and 68,400 net acres. All acreage is held by production. Although primarily producing from the Cisco/Canyon, both horizontal and vertical Wolfcamp and  vertical Leonard production ​exists in and around the Stanolind leasehold. Very successful Wolfcamp A, B and D horizontal drilling is occurring just offsetting Stanolind’s leasehold.

Ozona Area, Crockett County, Texas
Stanolind owns a working interest in 252 wells (202 operated) on 17,900 gross and 13,700 net acres. All acreage is held by production. Although primarily producing from the Canyon Sand and Strawn formations, substantial upside exists in the Wolfcamp.

​Additional Operated Properties
Stanolind owns and operates an additional 60 wells in the Permian Basin. These properties can be found in four separate project areas located in Cochran, Crockett, Dawson, Gaines, Hockley and Winkler Counties, Texas. The projects include both primary and secondary operations.

Stanolind Leasehold Ownership, All Properties: 109,700 gross acres and 87,300 net acres.